thisisstuttering is a true story about Morgan Lott, a college student with a stutter. During the summer of 2012, Morgan pursued another round of speech therapy to try to fix his speech impediment for the final time. Through speech therapy sessions, personal reflections, and public assignments, Morgan seeks to get a handle on a stutter that has plagued him for years, discovering himself in the process. thisisstuttering invites you to witness a raw, authentic story of a stutterer and his pursuit of self-discovery and healing from the impediment that 1% of the population suffers from.





Morgan Lott : director/co-editor

Morgan is a filmmaker from Simi Valley, CA. During the summer of 2012, he began another round of speech therapy with a new speech therapist, Mrs. Alyssa Lukiewski. Upon her asking Morgan to film all of the sessions and weekly vlogs, simply for her own usage in studying her client, Morgan realized he was filming a fascinating documentary on accident. thisisstuttering has already drastically changed his life and he hopes the story will encourage and motivate others not only with stutters, but in any difficulty life decides to through our way.

Joel Limbauan : co-editor

Joel is an editor from Norristown, Pennsylvania who loves reading really old books, watching any and all Philly sports, and drinking plenty of coffee. He’s excited about this film because it is using an incredibly unique method to tell a story that usually is left untold and is bringing into the open something that is usually purposefully hidden. As someone who has never had a stutter, he is hoping that this film will help people like him have a greater awareness of and ultimately more understanding for people who stutter.

Isaac Svensson : executive producer

Morgan, the main character, and I have been working together for years and I consider him one of my best friends. I myself grew up with a speech impediment—I had a lisp until I was about 12. Speech impediments and verbal disabilities are more common than people without might guess, so being able to connect with this soft-spoken group through this film is an exciting honor.

Katie Agarth : producer

Katieis finishing up her film degree at Biola University and comes from an assortment of streets, roads, and cul de sacs across the states. She enjoys conversation, the effects of caffeine, and social commentaries. Katie values honesty, grace, and community and is inspired by the human experience. thisisstuttering is a bold exploration of the human experience, and she’s honored to be a part of the team.