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“Lott wants to distinguish thisisstuttering from the numerous performative first-person docs that start off with the idea to self-document an experiment or some other kind of continuous yet temporary activity. This film isn’t going to have Lott telling us in voiceover that he’s going to start speech therapy and then film himself doing it. It’s not “Super Speech Therapy Me” or “No Stammer Man.'” – September 23, 2013


“I had to open up about my biggest weakness, [stuttering]. I had to talk about the thing that I have avoided thinking about since I started high school– my worst enemy, my destruction, my antagonist….The most shocking part of the film, for me, was that it started off with the question, “How do I get rid of this awful thing?” and ended with, “This is me. This is who I am. I hate it so much. But I thank God for it because it has made me who I am. I hate it. But I thank God for it.”…Accepting my stutter… a film of acceptance. He reminded me that my entire life, speech therapy has been, “How do we get rid of this awful thing – or at least HIDE it?” as opposed to “How do I learn to cope with this – how do I have confidence despite this?”… It was an amazing gateway for an awful summer of stuttering. I could not have made it through this summer without that hope – not hope for my stutter to disappear, but hope that I could accept it and explain it to people… hope that I can embrace my speech habit instead of cry myself asleep because of it.” September 1, 2013


“It showed a very raw look at stuttering. My favorite part was looking around in the audience when he would talk about certain things…, like the way other people treat him or like how he felt alone at times. It was cool to look around the room and see everybody nodding their heads or like “yes, that is exactly what I feel as well.” Even a bunch of people tearing up because it hit home so well.” August 19, 2013


“It was…a video diary format where he shared with you EXACTLY how it feels to stutter. Very well done.” July 21, 2013


In years past, there has been disappointment that keynote speakers were often people who “used to stutter” and didn’t actually stutter when speaking to us. So this [year’s National Stuttering Association conference] was special, in that hundreds of stutterers got to hear inspiring speeches and stories from Trumain, Katherine, Cameron and Morgan, among others, who stuttered openly and with confidence.

We got what we needed. People who stutter – especially young people who stutter – need successful role models who actually stutter to help us normalize the experience. July 19, 2013


“It was really raw…he showed his ugly stuttering faces which a lot of people would be scared to videotape themselves and show it. He was really open and honest, I haven’t seen a video like that before… I was inspired by him.” 

Nadia Alobaid – StutterTalk Ep. 410 – July 5, 2013


Morgan Lott shares his frustrations along with his successes and lets his friends honestly weigh in on his speech and its impact. It’s definitely not to be missed! May 8, 2013


“Morgan Lott’s story inspired people by appealing to their emotions as well as their intellect, while simultaneously calling attention to a silent issue. “Thisisstuttering” is important because it is a thread in the fabric of a bigger, ongoing story.” May 7, 2013


“For his project, Lott decided to put together a documentary titled “thisisstuttering” telling his story of going through speech therapy. “I was in speech therapy this summer for my stutter, and the speech therapy involved everything being filmed; so all of the sessions were filmed, I did weekly video journals, and I did some hidden camera type things in the open with strangers,” Lott said. He is in the process of compiling this footage together to create a story that is raw and genuine. “I figured this would be a cool, current, realistic account of a speech impediment,” Lott said.” November 7, 2012


thisisstuttering included in Biola University’s 2012-2013: Year In Review video May 18, 2013